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Image of Book Front Cover Title: Leaders of Russia and the Soviet Union Since 1613 : From the Romanov Dynasty to Vladimir Putin
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Author: Paxton, John
LC Call: DK40.P36 2004eb
Dewey: 947/.009/9
LCSH: Heads of state.
Pub. Date: 28 June 2004
eBook ISBN: 0203505328
Print ISBN: 1579581323
Product ID: 183242
Language: English
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This reference work surveys the leaders of Russia and the Soviet Union- from Michael, the first Romanov tsar in 1613, through the creation and dissolution of the Soviet Union, to the present day President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. Chronologically arranged, these biographies paint a thorough yet succinct portrait of 30 leaders including discussion about the family and education of each ruler, important legislation, events, and wars under each leader's rule; and each leader's achievements and impact on Russia or the Soviet Union.

Table of Contents


Leaders of Russia and the Soviet Union




Genealogical Tables


1. Michael

2. Alexis

3. Fyodor III

4. Ivan V

5. Sophia as Regent

6. Peter I (the Great)

7. Catherine I

8. Peter II

9. Anna

10. Ivan V I

11. Elizabeth

12. Peter III

13. Catherine II (the Great)

14. Paul

15. Alexander I

16. Nicholas I

17. Alexander II

18. Alexander III

19. Nicholas II

20. Kerensky

21. Lenin

22. Stalin

23. Malenkov

24. Khrushchev

25. Brezhnev

26. Andropov

27. Chernenko

28. Gorbachev

29. Yeltsin

30. Putin


Further Reading

General Chronology